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Why some Cryptocurrencies are the best replacement for Fiat money

Introduction Back in 1971 Nixon severed the last of the ties of gold to the after that fiat currencies. After the Nixon shock, the dollar stopped being as good as gold. And because all other currencies were backed by the dollar, it being the world reserve currency, that decision did not only create a fiat dollar but in effect made all currencies worthless. Worthless in the sense that where they used to represent value, they now represent the...
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European Blockchain Foundation Welcomes new partner AllianceBlock.

The #EBF welcomes AllianceBlock as its newest partner in the mission to create a blockchainfriendly ecosystem in Europe. Chairman of the non-profit Bart Brands, CSIP: "With the growth of the foundation and dedicated to the mission to inform #lawmakers in the Netherlands and #Europe we always welcome all help. Partners like AllianceBlock make it possible to make the steps necessary. Matthijs de Vries from AllianceBlock says “AllianceBlock is...
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EBF welcomes a new partner - Het Crypto Huis

The European Blockchain Foundation is happy to announce that Het Crypto Huis will be joining the mission of the #EBF to create a #blockchainfriendly ecosystem in Europe. Owner of het Crypto huis @Patrick Karsten: “The Mission of the EBF equals the goals of Het Crypto Huis in the Netherlands. We want to educate the Dutch community about the endless possibilities of #Blockchaintechnology and accelerate the adoption of this amazing technology by...
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EBF welcomes another new partner - Electra Project

The #EBF is very proud to announce another partner in Electra Project #Foundation. Boardmember, Robert Bakker: "Electra Foundation is delighted to partner with the European Blockchain Foundation. We believe that, in order to achieve adoption of #blockchaintechnlogy, collaboration is essential and both both the #EBF en our Foundation will strenghten each other in creating impact op the European continent." The #EBF is creating real traction and is...
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EBF welcomes a new partner -

After having a great week speaking with #MEP2019 candidates, we also have the pleasure of announcing 2 new partners. First we are proud to be able to announce that has joined the European Blockchain Foundation and want to thank our chairman Bart Brands, CSIP, boardmember Christiaan Jimmink and Oxycoin #CEO Jan Willem Veldhuis and Ing. Roger Berk for making this partnership happen. The EBF is making real steps and we want thank all...
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EBF introduces another new partner - Bitcoinmeester

The European Blockchain Foundation would like to welcome #bitcoinmeester as our newest partner. We want to thank Christiaan Jimmink and our chairman Bart Brands, CSIP for making this partnership happen....
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EBF to introduce new partnership - LEEP Network

The week begins with a new announcement of a new partnership for the European Blockchain Foundation . We are happy to add LEEP to our growing list of partners that support our mission to create a #blockchainfriendly #ecosytem in Europe. A big thank you to @Martijn van de Weerdt for making this partnership happen. For more information please visit...
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