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EBF, Bart Brands at the Unlock Blockchain forum in Dubai

Looking back at the presence of our chairman @Bart Brands, CSIP at the Unlock Blockchain forum in hashtag#Dubai we would like to show our followers and partners what we were able to bring to the event. Please follow the links to the YouTube page of Unlock to watch the panel discussions that we attended. Of course the whole forum was more than interesting and it would be great value to watch all the discussions and keynotes by among others Nick...
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Coin Rivet interview with Bart Brands, EBF

The interview with our #Chairman Bart Brands, CSIP by Coin Rivet was published today the 8th of January 2019. We would like to thank #CoinRivet for the opportunity. EUCX - European Cryptocurrency Exchange, Cecil Alliance Foundation, BLOCKDATA, European Space Agency - ESA #AxeToken. ...
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Blockchain, Public Trust, Law&Governance summit

On november the 29th&30th the chairman of the European Blockchain Foundation, Bart Brands, CSIP, was present at the hashtag#BlockchainDOT2018, Blockchain, Public Trust, Law&Governance summit in the Gemeente Groningen. With hashtag#speakers like @Ivona Skultetyova, Bart Jan Van Ettekoven and @Vlad Burilov and many others, we are very thankfull to Guido Siebel for helping make our visit happen and to @Sofia Ranchordas for the organization of...
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EBF a part of the Rotterdam Blockchain Community panel discussion

On Friday the 9th of november the Chairman of the European Blockchain Foundation, @Bart Brands, CSIP represented the foundation during a hashtag#Paneldiscussion of the Rotterdam Blockchain Community. It was nice to meet everybody and see that even though there are big differences of opinion, the similarities are bigger! Thanks to the other panel members @Alexej Jordanov, Farshida Zafar, @Mahir Özdemir and Mick de Graaf. And a big thank you to...
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City council of The Hague invites EBF to talk about how Blockchain can help reduce poverty

On Thursday November seventh the hashtag#Chairman of the European Blockchain Foundation, @Bart Brands, CSIP was invited to the department of hashtag#PovertyReduction of the city of Gemeente Den Haag to talk about hashtag#FraudPrevention and how hashtag#BlockchainTechnology could help in the fight against hashtag#poverty. It was our pleasure and a big thank you to Ambroos Broer....
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EBF participated in the SDG Charter event

The European Blockchain Foundation participated in the Charter with the Gemeente Den Haag in explaining hashtag#blockchaintechnology, beyond the hype. When blockchain is a hashtag#possiblehashtag#solution and when it is...
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EBF talks to European Space Agency (ESA) about collaboration

The European Blockchain Foundation had a great meeting with some of the brightest minds of the European Space Agency - ESA yesterday. Our chairman Bart Brands, CSIP and boardmember @Tim Gerding spoke about possible applications and we will be meeting again soon and bring some of our partners. Thanks to hashtag#ESA for welcoming us again and a big thank you to Veronica La Regina....
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EBF @ Venture Cafe Rotterdam

Today our chairman @Bart Brands, CSIP, was invited to speak at @Venture Café Rotterdam on regulations for cryptocurrencies and their possible impact on hashtag#TheFutureOfCrypto organized by Rotterdam Blockchain Community. Great turnout and...
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EBF in panel discussion on how regulations in the blockchain space could impact VCs

Friday the 3rd of August our chairman Bart Brands, CSIP, was asked to take part of a hashtag#paneldiscussion on regulation in the blockchain space and what impact they could have on hashtag#VentureCapital investors. His most important take away was getting in contact with both the enforcers of regulation but also lobby government that makes the rules. This is the only way of ensuring the best ecosystem for blockchain companies. A thank you to Vik...
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