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EBF introduces another new partner - Bitcoinmeester

The European Blockchain Foundation would like to welcome #bitcoinmeester as our newest partner. We want to thank Christiaan Jimmink and our chairman Bart Brands, CSIP for making this partnership happen....
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EBF to introduce new partnership - LEEP Network

The week begins with a new announcement of a new partnership for the European Blockchain Foundation . We are happy to add LEEP to our growing list of partners that support our mission to create a #blockchainfriendly #ecosytem in Europe. A big thank you to @Martijn van de Weerdt for making this partnership happen. For more information please visit...
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EBF, Bart Brands featured in a book - "Blockchain, de technologie die de wereld radicaal verandert"

The last week of the first year since the Founding of the European Blockchain Foundation was a successful one. Our Chairman Bart Brands, CSIP was mentioned in the book, " #Blockchain, de technologie die de wereld radicaal verandert". We want to thank writers @Simone Vermeend and Perry Smit for reaching out to us and for using our input for this great book. Want to read it? Please visit...
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City council of The Hague invites EBF to talk about how Blockchain can help reduce poverty

On Thursday November seventh the hashtag#Chairman of the European Blockchain Foundation, @Bart Brands, CSIP was invited to the department of hashtag#PovertyReduction of the city of Gemeente Den Haag to talk about hashtag#FraudPrevention and how hashtag#BlockchainTechnology could help in the fight against hashtag#poverty. It was our pleasure and a big thank you to Ambroos Broer....
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EBF Vice-Chairman, Bert Schelfhout, becomes the Vice-Mayor of Deerlijk

Vice-Chairman of the European Blockchain Foundation, Bert Schelfhout has become the vice-Mayor of the city of hashtag#Deerlijk. We want to congratulate him with this great victory and are proud to have him as part of our hashtag#Foundation.
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Blockdata joins EBF as a partner

The European Blockchain Foundation is happy to announce that Blockdata is joining our foundation as a partner in to support our mission to inform and inspire people and companies and works towards the creation of a blockchainfriendly climate on the continent of Europe. You can visit them at . We want to thanks our chairman @Bart Brands, CSIP and Jonathan Knegtel for their work to make this partnership happen en look...
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