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The hashtag#EBF is going to hashtag#Brussels.Our Chairman and Co-founder Bart Brands, CSIP will represent the foundation for a meeting with Caroline Nagtegaal-Van Doorn to speak on regulations regarding hashtag#crowdfunding and what challenges and opportunities current regulations offer to companies that use hashtag#blockchaintechnology. Our partners will present these challenges and opportunities.

We asked Caroline about her initial thoughts: “I’m thinking about blockchaintechnology and the different ways it could be implemented and how, for example we could regulate cryptocurrencies. And this is challenging because it goes far beyond the question if bitcoin is a currency or not but, for example, also how ICO’s should be regulated. Regulated, for one, because these regulations could be really beneficial to start-up funding without banks being involved and the stimulating effect to innovation and protection for companies and investors. At the same time, regulations can create the perception that the crypto market is relatively safe and risk free, which we can all see it of course is not! This debate has now reached Brussels and I am always interested to hear about what the market feels, is a reasonable approach to these challenges.”

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