European Blockchain Foundation Welcomes new partner AllianceBlock.


The #EBF welcomes AllianceBlock as its newest partner in the mission to create a blockchainfriendly ecosystem in Europe. Chairman of the non-profit Bart Brands, CSIP: “With the growth of the foundation and dedicated to the mission to inform #lawmakers in the Netherlands and #Europe we always welcome all help. Partners like AllianceBlock make it possible to make the steps necessary.

Matthijs de Vries from AllianceBlock says “AllianceBlock is building the first challenger investment bank which focuses on what is known as illiquid assets. We aim to collapse most departments of an investment bank into one flat platform and therefore expedite processes. AllianceBlock is built on 3 pillars: Decentralized, smart and sustainable. The tokenization of illiquid assets particularly equity and bonds of previously illiquid or low liquidity companies (startups, SMEs, VC, illiquid funds etc…) should take the world of finance a Great Leap Forward. Being part of the European Blockchain Foundation will allow us to have an excellent partner to tackle the spiny issue of regulations within the EU. We look forward to starting the work!”

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